Coastal Living names Fowl Cay the "Ultimate Island Getaway"
Mar 20, 2012 - Author:Jessica- Fowl Cay Resort
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Contributing writer, Emma Sloley, gives Coastal Living readers a new vacation destination to add to their bucket list as she describes her memorable visit to the "well-guarded secret" located in the Exuma chain of The Bahamas - Fowl Cay Resort.

Emma describes Fowl Cay as a paradise that has paired home-like qualities with extraordinary adventures that are only a boat ride away.

“A young couple, Grant and Nicole, the island’s junior managers, stand waving and grinning on the dock while a well-feed golden Labrador paces, tongue lolling and tail thumping. It’s just like coming home…if your home happened to be a 50—acre private island retreat…We arrive at a plantation-style whitewashed villa fronted by a veranda with a swinging love seat and twin rocking chairs. (Yes, Fowl Cay is pretty conductive to romance.) Inside, the vibe is upscale beach shack: overstuffed white sofas, bowls of shells, a framed poem from young children to their father. Every villa comes fully stocked with groceries, wine, soft drinks, chocolates, fruit-everything you’d need for either a cloistered romantic getaway or a family vacation.”

“While small, remote islands can induce cabin fever in those who crave constant vacation stimulation, Fowl Cay doesn’t have that problem. Each villa comes equipped with its own personal motorboat, so guests can take off into the wild blue yonder at their own whim.”

The writer also recalls her discoveries on Big Major Cay where she meets the resident pigs that can swim, Sampson Cay where local Bahamian culture includes feeding pet sharks, and Thunderball Cave where she enters a wondrous world described as "a grand, cathedral-like cavern that is suffused with an otherworldly blue-tinged light.”

After reading this nine-page feature on the Ins and Outs of a luxurious castaway experience at FowlCay resort, readers are sure to imagine what it would be like to try this fascinating place on for size.

“When you’re in the middle of nowhere, sometimes doing nothing at all feels just right.” 

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