Lapping it Up at Fowl Cay Resort
Jun 12, 2014 - Author:jessica- Fowl Cay Resort
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We could all learn a lot from the four-legged Labrador who takes residency all year long at Fowl Cay Resort, a  private island paradise located in a remote area of the Bahamas known as the Exumas. Appointed to the role of island mascot, security guard, welcome chair and temporary guest companion, Ruby is a veteran lady of leisure. Her lovable spirit even earned her a feature in this month’s edition of Islands magazine!

With years of experience, Ruby has mastered the art of luxurious island living and leads vacationers by example. From exuding a sense of adventure and love for the ocean, Ruby has no hesitation showing guests the ropes of how to enjoy the natural treasures of the Bahamas by beach, boat and basking in the warm sunshine.

Each of these offerings come unlimited at Fowl Cay Resort, but so does everything else. All your needs and wants are included in the price of your villa (one of only six on the entire 50-acre island). From enjoying a fully stocked fridge and cupboards, along with all drinks, dinners and packed lunches prepared courtesy of the local Hill House, to becoming the proud captain of your very own personal motor boat with unlimited gas and even the driver of your own golf cart, Fowl Cay gives you full access to the island and all of its amenities. This one-of-a-kind experience leaves you with that home-away-from-home nostalgia. If only we were all as lucky as Ruby, who really does call this home.

Yes, it will be hard to leave all these luxuries behind on the island, but don’t worry, Ruby will gladly hold down the fort while you float off into the breathtaking beauty and adventure that this uninhabited paradise has to offer. Your boat will come in very handy as you check-off some bucket list moments, like having lunch on a deserted sandbar, snorkeling in the infamous Thunderball Grotto, swimming with pigs and nurse sharks, and encountering new marine life at the nearby protected sea park.  

Sounds like a dream and  Ruby is certainly living it. To find out more of how you can check into this island escape and pay her a visit, check-out

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